- About Our Agency

A team of marketing experts

Nova Digital brings industry professionals with years of experience to provide any business the boost you need to scale like never before.

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Our results are measured in numbers:
Happy Clients
Acquired Users
2 - 3x
Average ROI Increase
Years Of Experience
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- Our Mission

We started with one mission: Helping startups & small businesses grow

Nova Digital was created to help businesses and startups. Moving to online or growing an online business can be a difficult, costly, and a timely learning experience. We want to use our proven strategies and years of experience, to help start or grow your business.

Building a website, driving traffic to it, optimising SEO, etc can be a headache. Spending hours on ad managers taking time away from your product, service, and running your business. Our mission is to allow you to get back to your company & grow it while being confident that the marketing side is always taken care of.  

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- Our History

The story of our marketing agency

We realised that a lot of online businesses needed assistance with at least one aspect of building an online presence. Not all of them had a budget for a team for in house services.



Our founders started Novamier London in early 2020. Starting and structuring it into what it is today.


Marketing Void

Being approached to design websites and manage marketing showed there was a lack of information and help in the digital marketing space.



This ignited the idea for Nova Digital. To bring what they have learned from building  business to assist other startups and  businesses


Growing Businesses

Today we are doing exactly what we set out to do. Helping businesses and startups around the world grow and thrive.

Our Values

The core values ​​that drive everything we do

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We want you to get the best results in the least amount of time. To cut costs and boost sales.

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We take pride in being transparent. Using tactics and strategies we can be proud of sharing and using.

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We are devoted to our craft, and dedicated to you. Being there for you every step of the way.

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We work together bouncing ideas and tactics off each other. Letting us be more efficient and effective

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- Our Clients

We work with clients from all over the world.

Helping clients is what we do, no matter the distance. We are proud to work with companies from any corner of the world.

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United Kingdom

Our skilled team is based out of London, England. Enhancing our local UK businesses.
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United States

We work across the United States. Brining our expertise across the Atlantic to boost any business.
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Nova Digital reaches across Europe. Being able to do what we do best across the EU market.
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Our Founders

Meet the people behind our agency

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Nova Digital brings a devoted team of proud marketers and web developers from London to any business worldwide.

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