You know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yet, most small businesses don’t invest time and attention into a quality logo design, even though it’s the first piece of information about your company that a potential customer sees.

A logo is the foundation of a company’s brand, and one of your most important assets. It communicates what you do and how you do it—your values and philosophy. It quickly tells potential customers what they can expect if they choose your business from among their many options. For example, a company with a retro logo wants to conjure feelings of honesty and trustworthiness commonly associated with the “good old days."

In a competitive market, where discriminating customers do research and share their experiences with each other, a small business cannot reach its full potential without a strong company logo design.

Boost Your Identity With Custom Logo Design

The talented team at Nova Digital designs custom, hand-illustrated logos that meticulously suit each of our clients. We never use clip art and we don’t outsource work overseas. Instead, each logo and brand identity package is crafted by Nova Digital's creative director and our in-house logo designers. We start from scratch on all designs, because every business is unique. Their logos should be, too.

We have extensive experience serving small business of all types, but especially providing expert marketing for contractors, HVAC marketing and marketing for plumbers. Service providers like these can count on us to use our in-depth understanding of their operations and pain points to communicate better with their target audience.

Understanding the Value of Our Branding Service

Research, experience, strategy, time and talent are all essential ingredients when naming a small business and in our logo design process. We’ve invested our creativity into developing more than 1,000 company logo designs to bolster small businesses across the world. When you entrust Nova Digital to develop your brand, here’s what your investment yields:

  • Unparalleled experience: Our small business branding expertise is unrivalled. It’s unlikely you’ll find a team better qualified to build your brand. Our work is never outsourced, unlike most of today’s logo factories.
  • Industry-leading expertise: You’ll work directly with our founders and designers. You’ll be relying on someone uniquely qualified to grow your business.
  • Sound strategy: Yes, your new brand will look pretty. But more importantly, it will work. We build customised branding strategies focused on helping your company grow and prosper. Before we start sketching designs, we strategize by conducting research to identify optimal solutions, such as whether to take a retro or modern approach, whether a mascot makes sense and which colours will resonate best in the marketplace.
  • 100% original design: We pride ourselves on crafting original pieces of art for each logo. This is an important distinction from logos that use clip art. A logo derived from clip art never can be trademarked, which means any competitor can use the same mark. In contrast, Nova Digital's logos are unique. We even use custom-built fonts, and much of the lettering is drawn from scratch. Our logo designer is an accomplished hand letterer, in addition to a brilliant illustrator.
  • An invested ally: Most of our clients aren’t interested in a one-time design; they want a strategic partner to guide them as they grow their business. That’s what we want, too. You won’t find another agency that cares more about its clients’ success. We’ve got your back, for the long haul.

More Brand Identity Services

As a well-rounded small business marketing agency, Nova Digital offers a full complement of services—building a strong brand that becomes your company’s firm foundation for growth and success.

Retro Logo Design

One proven way to capture attention as a trustworthy, reputable company is to go retro. Retro branding conveys reliability and customer service—characteristics that consumers seek when they need help or expect to make a significant investment. A nostalgic look feels wholesome and comforting, so it instills confidence. Countering negative industry connotations, it says: “This company is going to take care of me.”

Retro branding is unique in most markets, too. Since it’s not mainstream, it stands out and makes the company’s name and logo design more memorable (especially among a sea of weak, nondescript brands).

Of course, a retro brand isn’t the right fit for every business. When a company is focused on offering the latest technology and innovative solutions, a modern, up-to-date look is more appropriate.

Get the Complete Look

After crafting your small business logo and collaborating with you to develop a brand vision and strategy, we create corporate style guides to ensure your branding is properly executed across platforms. We carry your branding into vehicle advertising, the best web design in London and across the world, stationery, outdoor advertising, company uniforms and more, creating a cohesive look and feel across every application.

As a full-service marketing agency, Nova Digital can implement your new company logo for all of your needs, including print collateral, trade show booths and more.

Boost Your Brand

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s crucial that the image you portray communicates the quality and customer service you deliver. You need consistent branding that sends a clear message and helps you stand out in a saturated market.

To get started on carving out your company’s unique identity, contact the Nova Digital branding experts online or call 07487 550930 today.



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