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Pathos Food LTD Vehicle Wrap Design. Learn more about how we executed the design of a 3 van fleet.

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Vehicle Wrap Design


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Project Overview

Our client Pathos Food wanted to stand out in a bustling city, the client wanted to increase brand awareness and attract new customers to their business. After considering several marketing options, they decided to invest in a vehicle wrap for their delivery van fleet. The purpose of the vehicle wrap was to create a mobile billboard that would increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience.

Project Execution

The first step in the design process was determining the key message and visual elements that would be incorporated into the vehicle wrap. The client wanted the design to be eye-catching and memorable, straight to the point, while also accurately representing their brand identity. After an initial consultation with the customer, our design team created several design concepts that were presented to the customer for review.

The chosen design concept featured a clean and bold color scheme that included the company's logo. The overall design was simple and effective, with a clear message that would be easy for passersby to read and understand.

There were several key considerations that were taken into account during the design process. One of the primary considerations was the size and shape of the van. The design had to be tailored to fit the specific dimensions of the van in order to ensure a seamless and professional look.

Another important consideration was the visibility of the design from different angles and distances. The design had to be legible and recognisable from a distance, while also providing enough detail for viewers who were up close. This required careful attention to the size and placement of text, as well as the overall composition of the design.

In addition to these considerations, our design team also had to ensure that the final design would be both visually appealing. This required a deep understanding of the customer's brand identity and values, as well as the overall aesthetic preferences of the target audience.


The final vehicle wrap design was a success, meeting all of the customer's requirements and expectations. The bold color scheme and eye-catching design were highly visible on the road, generating a significant increase in brand awareness and increase in revenue for Pathos Food. The mobile billboard also helped to reach a wider audience, as the van fleet could be driven to various locations throughout the city.

Overall, the vehicle wrap was an effective marketing strategy that helped the wholesaler to stand out from its competitors and attract new customers. The success of the vehicle wrap also highlighted the importance of thoughtful design considerations and a deep understanding of the customer's brand identity and values.

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