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This is what we did for Novamier, helping them launch and boost their social media platforms.

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Project Timeline

2021 - 2022

Increased in ROI revenue



Project Overview

Our client, Novamier London, wanted to use social media to increase brand awareness and drive sales for their business. They were looking for cost-effective ways to reach new customers and engage with their existing audience.

Project Execution

One of the main challenges we faced was developing a social media strategy that would effectively reach the client's target audience. We also had to consider the competitive landscape in their industry.

Solution: We worked with the client to identify their target audience and understand their needs and preferences. We then developed a social media strategy that focused on creating engaging and informative content that would appeal to their audience. We also used targeted advertising to reach potential customers and promoted the client's products and services through social media channels.

Challenge: Managing customer service and addressing negative feedback on social media

Solution: In addition to promoting the business and engaging with their audience on social media, it was important for the client to address any negative feedback or customer service issues that arose on their social media channels. To manage this, we set up a system for monitoring and responding to comments and messages on social media in a timely and professional manner. We also worked with the client to develop a plan for addressing negative feedback, which included responding to complaints and addressing any issues in a constructive and transparent way. By proactively managing customer service on social media, we were able to maintain a positive reputation for the client and improve the overall customer experience.

Challenge: Developing and maintaining a consistent brand voice and image on social media

Solution: It was important for the client to maintain a consistent brand voice and image on social media in order to establish their brand identity and build trust with their audience. To achieve this, we worked with the client to develop a set of guidelines for their social media content, including guidelines for tone, language, and imagery. We also provided training to the client's team on how to implement these guidelines when creating and publishing content on social media. By consistently adhering to these guidelines, we were able to help the client maintain a strong and cohesive brand presence on social media.


By developing a targeted social media strategy and creating engaging content, we were able to effectively increase brand awareness and drive sales for the client’s business. Social media proved to be a cost-effective and powerful tool for reaching and engaging with their target audience.

The social media campaign was a success! The client saw an increase in brand awareness and sales, as well as more engagement with their audience on social media. The targeted advertising and informative content helped to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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