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Project Overview

Our client, a watch company, approached us with the task of creating 3D models of their new watch launch. The client had previously relied on picture images, but they wanted to upgrade to 3D modeling to improve their design process and showcase their products in a more visually appealing way. While not paying for a photo shoot for every new angel. The client provided us with product images, dimensions, and specifications for each item, and we got to work creating accurate and detailed 3D models.

Project Execution

To execute the project, we used advanced 3D modeling (3D Studio Max) and 3D rendering (Keyshot) software to create each model. To ensure that the 3D renderings we created were accurate and detailed, we followed a rigorous process. After reviewing the client's product images and specifications, we created a basic wireframe of each product. This wireframe acted as a skeleton for the 3D model, outlining the product's structure and proportions.

Next, we added texture and detail to the model using Keyshot a powerful tool for 3D visualization & texturing . This involved creating a 3D surface and adding color, material, patterns, and other decorative elements. For example, if the product had an intricate pattern, we carefully mapped out the design and added it to the 3D model.

Novamier London Watch 3D Rendering

Throughout the process, we paid close attention to the product's unique features, such as the detailed bezel, the look of the hands, the overall color, and the finish of the materials. We used high-quality texture and lighting to make the model look as realistic as possible.

We also worked closely with the client to ensure that the 3D models we created met their expectations and needs. We shared each model with the client for feedback and made any necessary adjustments before finalizing the model & 3D renderings. This iterative process allowed us to create 3D renderings that accurately reflected the client’s products.


The 3D models we created had a significant impact on our client's business. By providing accurate and detailed visuals of their products, the client was able to test and iterate on new designs more quickly. This helped them bring products to market faster and more efficiently

In addition, the 3D models allowed the client to showcase their products in a more visually appealing way. They were able to create marketing material that featured high-quality images of their products for their website, social medias, and ad campaigns, which helped increase sales and revenue.

Novamier London Watch 3D Rendering

Customers were able to see the products from all angles, lightings, and distances. The client was extremely satisfied with the 3D models we created for them. They praised our team’s attention to detail and responsiveness throughout the project. Novamier London has continued to rely on us for their ongoing 3D modeling needs, and we have built a strong relationship with them over time.

Overall, the project was a success, and the 3D models we created had a significant impact on our client’s business. By leveraging advanced 3D modeling techniques, we were able to help our client streamline their design process and showcase their products in a more engaging and detailed way.

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