The Pros and Cons of Wrapping Your Company's Vehicle Fleet: Is It Worth the Investment?

Wrapping your company's vehicle fleet can be a great marketing tool, but is it worth the investment? In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of wrapping your company's vehicles to help you make an informed decision.

Founder and CEO of Nova Digital and Novamier London, Michail Damoulis
Michail Damoulis
April 23, 2023
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As a business owner, you're always looking for new and innovative ways to market your products and services. One way to get your brand noticed is by wrapping your company's vehicle fleet. Vehicle wraps are vinyl graphics that cover the exterior of your vehicles, turning them into moving billboards. With the right design, your wrapped vehicles can help you reach a larger audience and increase brand recognition.

But before you invest in a vehicle wrap for your fleet, it's important to consider the pros and cons. In this article, we'll explore the benefits and drawbacks of wrapping your company's vehicles, so you can make an informed decision that's right for your business.

The Pros of Wrapping Your Company's Vehicle Fleet

  1. Increased Brand Visibility

One of the biggest advantages of wrapping your company's vehicles is increased brand visibility. When you have a fleet of wrapped vehicles driving around town, you're essentially creating mobile billboards that can be seen by thousands of people every day. This increased visibility can help build brand recognition and increase awareness of your business.

  1. Cost-Effective Marketing

Compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle wraps are relatively affordable. Once you've paid for the initial design and installation, your wrapped vehicles will continue to promote your business 24/7, without any ongoing costs. This makes vehicle wraps a cost-effective way to advertise your business over the long term.

  1. Protects the Vehicle's Paintwork

Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl, which provides a layer of protection for your vehicle's paintwork. This can help prevent scratches, chips, and other damage that can occur from everyday driving. When it's time to remove the wrap, your vehicle's paint will be in the same condition as it was before the wrap was installed.

  1. Customizable Designs

With vehicle wraps, the design possibilities are endless. You can choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and images to create a custom design that represents your brand. This level of customization allows you to create a unique look that sets your business apart from the competition.

  1. Flexibility

Another advantage of vehicle wraps is their flexibility. If you need to change your marketing message or update your branding, you can simply remove the old wrap and install a new one. This allows you to adapt your marketing strategy as your business evolves.

The Cons of Wrapping Your Company's Vehicle Fleet

  1. Initial Investment

While vehicle wraps can be a cost-effective marketing tool in the long term, the initial investment can be significant. Depending on the size and complexity of your fleet, the cost of designing and installing the wraps can add up quickly. This can be a barrier for smaller businesses with limited budgets.

  1. Maintenance

While vehicle wraps are durable and long-lasting, they do require some maintenance to keep them looking their best. This includes regular washing and waxing to prevent dirt and debris from building up on the vinyl. Neglecting maintenance can lead to a dull, faded appearance that can detract from your brand's image.

  1. Removal

While vehicle wraps are designed to be removable, the process can be time-consuming and expensive. If you decide to remove the wrap, you'll need to pay for professional removal to ensure that it's done correctly. This can be a significant cost to consider when weighing the pros and cons of wrapping your fleet.

  1. Potential Damage to Paintwork

While vehicle wraps are designed to protect your vehicle's paintwork, if they're not installed or maintained properly, they can actually cause damage. Poor installation or neglecting maintenance can lead to the vinyl pulling on the paint or trapping moisture, which can cause the paint to peel or bubble. This can be a costly mistake to fix, so it's important to choose a reputable installer and properly maintain your wraps.

The Importance Of Vehicle Graphics For Your Company Vehicles

The importance of vehicle graphics for your company vehicles cannot be overstated. By wrapping your fleet of vehicles with custom graphics, you can create a powerful visual message that will grab the attention of potential customers and create an increased brand awareness. Vehicle graphics can turn your company's vehicles into mobile billboards that promote your services on the go, increasing visibility to millions of potential customers.

Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available and can generate thousands or even millions of impressions every day. The low initial investment means that you can get a high return on your marketing dollars without breaking the bank. You also have the flexibility to change your message or update your branding whenever needed, making it easy to keep up with.

Statistics Of Vehicle Wrapping Your Van Fleet

Statistics show that vehicle wrapping your van fleet is a cost-effective form of advertising. Studies have shown that it can generate thousands or even millions of impressions every day and offers one of the highest returns on investment in advertising. With an average of 3,000-4,000 impressions for every £1 spent, you’ll be able to boost brand awareness and get your message out to your target audience without breaking the bank.

Moreover, by wrapping your entire fleet with vinyl graphics you can create a unified visual presence that will help increase recognition of your brand. In addition to turning your vehicles into mobile billboards that advertise directly to people on the street, studies have shown that vehicle graphics can also improve customer trust for businesses.


Q: How long do vehicle wraps last? A: With proper installation and maintenance, vehicle wraps can last up to 5 years or more.

Q: Can I wrap any type of vehicle? A: Yes, vehicle wraps can be installed on almost any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, buses, and boats.

Q: Will the vinyl damage my vehicle's paintwork? A: No, if the vinyl is installed and maintained properly, it should actually protect your vehicle's paintwork.

Q: Can I design my own wrap? A: While it's possible to design your own wrap, it's recommended to work with a professional designer or a design agency to ensure a high-quality design that accurately represents your brand.


While there are some potential drawbacks to wrapping your company's vehicle fleet, the benefits far outweigh the risks. By investing in high-quality wraps and properly maintaining them, you can increase your brand visibility, generate cost-effective mobile advertising, and create customized designs that accurately represent your brand. With the potential to reach a wide audience and make a lasting impression, vehicle wraps can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. So, if you're looking to make a bold statement and stand out from the competition, consider wrapping your fleet and take advantage of the many benefits that vehicle wraps have to offer.

If you're interested in wrapping your company's vehicle fleet, don't hesitate to contact us today. Our team of experts can help you design a high-quality wrap design that will make a lasting impression and help you stand out from the competition. Contact us online or call us today at 07487 550930 to learn more and take the first step towards maximizing your company’s visibility with vehicle wraps.

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